Saturday, August 26, 2017

whats going on

so coming back to post two pictures than leave again so uh yea.


Sunday, November 27, 2016


So after some thinking I have decided to leave this blog.
My interests have changed and there is not as many people in the community as there once was.
I may come back one day, or maybe try instagram but as of right now I am going to take a break from AG, I will not delete this blog but I am not going to really post anymore, unless I make an instagram or youtube account.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Summer Sunset

 So the other day it looked really cool outside so I took a few picture of Hazel.
She's kinda my current favorite doll to photography right how although you only see about 1/3 of the photoshoots I actually do.

Thats it I am on vacation right now with (my newly customized) Caroline!
So I will be posting and Peculiars should be up in a week or two!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

New Blog!? and Photoshoot

Hey so I have restarted my personal type blog (I never posted on in the first place)
so I will be posting on there too! It will be photography, art, fandom related type stuff, you should check it out (wow self promo much) here is link!
-a few pictures of Cat-

Also you all are excellent!

Sunday, June 19, 2016

The Beach

(doll and non doll photos)
So if you follow my instagram ( @agandphoto) you would have seen these.

I kinda want to do a photo project called Twenty One Pilots Planes and have it be twenty one pictures of planes.

My foot in the sand.
Thats all I have a few photo shoots I will post later!

Friday, June 17, 2016

Peculiars Season 2 Episode 2

(black hooded person will just be referred to as hood for the time being)
Sadie: Why is she important to you? What are you going to do kill her?! Like you did to her friend!
Hood: I didn't kill her
Sadie: Where are you taking me why are you taking me?

Sadie: So why do you care so much about me and what Alex Rider said?
Hood: She knows things and those things could get her killed.

Sadie: By you?! You just show up chasing a guy last time you were seen you murdered her friend.
Hood: The man was a criminal! And for the last time I did not kill the girl.
Sadie: Well thats hard to believe!

Sadie: Who are you anyways like under the hood how can I be sure you are not lying and that you actually don't want to get Alice Rider killed.
Hood: *sighs takes hood off*

Hood: Rowan my name is Rowan, I need your help keeping Alice Rider safe.
Sadie: Wait were you her friend?! You faked your own death then why.
Rowan: Yes look I will answer all of that later but not here... We have very little time.


Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Peculiars Season 2 Episode 1

I know its been a while.

 -inside the head of the department of paranormal occurrences office, eighteen years after the events of season one-

Sadie: Your Alice Rider right? I saw something that you may be interested in knowing.
Alice: *sighs* I was just about to leave- how may I help you?
Sadie: So are you really a witch?
Alice: Seriously kid you come in here just as I was leaving to ask me if I was a witch?!
Sadie: Well not just that I mean I just wanted to be sure- you know rumors and stuff.
Alice: Yes I'm a witch so what else did you come in here for.

Sadie: When I was coming back from school I saw someone-something chasing after a man on the rooftops. They were wearing all black like a ninja or something like that and were running way to fast to be human.
Alice: What were they chasing after?
Sadie: A man in a suit- he jumped off the building and ran into some building.
Alice: Ok, did you get a picture of them?
Sadie: Yea here.
Alice: Oh not again.
Sadie: Wait have you seen them before?
Alice: I had friend once she was different, could start a fire with her bare hands eighteen years ago a person dressed like the person in your picture showed up- we saw them once or twice but we quickly forgot about it. Then two days after my friend- she disappeared and that night there was a fire at the forest nearby that she liked to go to in the middle was her remains. Two years after that they found the bunker that they hid in and the orders to kill her.

Sadie: I'm so sorry, what was her name?
Alice: Rowan, her name was Rowan.

 -after Sadie leaves the office and is going home-

Sadie: Y- your
??- shut up
Sadie: Who- why- what?!

??- I have no plans on hurting you so shut up and come with me
Sadie: NO- why lemme go!
??- What were you talking to that women about?

Hoped you liked it next episode is next week!
(There will be 3-5 episodes that I'll post about once a week, all are drafted out too)